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Integrative Therapeutics Curalieve provides advanced absorption curcumin due to its amorphous structure and excipient profile, which contributes to enhanced dispersibility and bioavailability. Curcumin has been studied and evaluated for its role in supporting antioxidant pathways and its effects on the body.

In humans, curcumin is very poorly absorbed. Curalieve is formulated with curcuRouge, an amorphous solid dispersion containing curcumin extract. Native curcumin has a propensity to form a crystalline structure that repels water. This crystalline structure is why consumption of native curcumin, even in gram amounts, yields little change in blood curcumin levels.

The technology used to develop curcuRouge overcomes these challenges by first melting curcumin to reduce the crystalline structure, then rapidly dispersing the curcumin with food-based polymers. curcuRouge has a smaller particle size and improved dispersibility compared to native curcumin. The amorphous nature of curcuRouge contributes to its enhanced dispersibility, higher bioavailability as shown in both animal and human research.

In a single-dose, double-blind, two-way crossover study, curcuRouge exhibited a higher bioavailability compared to submicron-particle colloidal dispersion.

  • • curcuRouge was over 3 times more bioavailable than submicron-particle colloidal dispersion.
  • • The maximal concentration (Cmax) of curcumin reached in the blood was over 5 times greater with curcuRouge compared to submicron-particle colloidal dispersion.
  • • curcuRouge was absorbed significantly faster than submicron-particle colloidal dispersion.

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