CT Minerals by CellCore

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Helps restore tissue with organic material that is needed for cellular function by utilizing short chain active carbon molecules. Helps deliver nutrients to the brain which supports increased energy, focus, and alertness. Improves bioavailability for increased cellular absorption and provides protection through the digestive system to ensure it is delivered properly.

The heart of BioActive Carbon Minerals is the naturally occurring, highly refined and naturally chelated extracts of Fulvic Acid. This means ultra small-sized and ultra-low-molecular-weight 100% organically complexed nano-sized negatively charged ionic molecules which can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily. Because of these unique properties, this supplement is highly bioactive and can provide numerous biochemical and metabolic detoxification functions.

In addition to containing over 70 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace element minerals, it contains twelve amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution. It is the most rare and valuable of all humic substances known to man.

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