Derma Colonizer by Systemic Formulas

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*Formerly know as Skin Colonizer* Comfort skin irritations of occasional rashes and itching Diaper rash relief Support normal gut-skin-brain microbial connection Support diversity of species Grape seed oil provides phyo-antioxidants and vitamin E and blocks DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss Sea buckthorn oil exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses, soothes sunburns and wounds Borage Oil provides a rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid that supports skin health Marula Oil helps retain water and prevents skin dehydration Kukui oil moisturizes and speeds up new skin cell growth Coconut oil supports skin tone

Probiotics for internal use have dominated scientific research; but all along there has been significant research on probiotic species that support skin health. The challenge of topical probiotics is to keep them alive long enough to get them to the consumer. The viability challenge has been successfully met by Systemic’s pioneering research team, under the guidance of Dr. Shayne Morris. These species, in their oil base, remain viable and thus can help re-introduce beneficial species for overall skin health.

The bacteria that inhabit human skin are found to serve hundreds, if not thousands, of beneficial activities including help with wounds, informing cell receptors to initiate cellular activities, and serving as a front-line immune system that provides protection and immune modulation regarding the myriad of pathogens that seek entrance to the body. Skin Colonizer is an innovative breakthrough in product formulation by presenting the body with truly viable cultures.

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