IDS Kit (GCEL & BIND) by Systemic Formulas

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GCEL and BIND work together to improve the overall health of our cells by providing sugar-activated charcoal and acetyl-glutathione and decrease toxic load. Benefits of BIND: Intesinal cleansing Reduce gas Intestinal "drainage" support Prevents retoxification  Helps prevent abdominal bloating Benefits of GCEL: Support the body's primary purification processes Premier cellular antioxidant  Support cell membrane normal health Support normal hormonal balance Immune system normal support

This package provides cutting edge glutathione support for true cellular detoxification!


BIND: 4-6 capsules at bedtime for 1-3 months

GCEL: 1-4 capsules, with or without food. Optimal therapuetic dose is 4 capsules/day, usually taken away from food. Maintenance: one capsule daily.

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