Immuno Pre-Byome by Systemic Formulas

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Immuno Pre-Byome is a revolutionary new prebiotic formulation that provides unique nutritional support to the microbiome related immune modulation. Our Gut Associated Immune System (GALT) is intimately associated with our microbiome. The microbiome educates, protects, maintains homeostasis and provides unique immune modulation. A growing body of research identifies key role probiotics, and their diversity plays an important role in promoting a healthy robust immune system. One of the most powerful ways to modulating our microbiome is through unique oligosaccharides and phyto-molecules like those found in Immuno Pre-Byome. • Normal intestinal microbial balance  • Prebiotic immune system support  • Intestinal terrain optimization  • Healthy balance between microbes and the body

Prebiotics are just beginning to be characterized and evaluated through scientific research. A healthy microbiome requires specific prebiotics, therefore they play a significant role in maintaining immune function diversity, symbiosis, metabolism and gut barrier integrity. Without Immuno Pre-Byome prebiotics, many keystone microbiota cannot survive.

Mix 1 scoop in 6-12 oz of your choice of liquid. Use daily, or as directed.

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