Liposomal Melatonin Professional Dose by Quicksilver Scientific

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Four times stronger than our standard liposomal melatonin, this Professional Strength dose helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and minimizes the ‘hangover effect’ of typical high dose melatonin supplements.

Liposomal Melatonin Professional Dose is an advanced delivery form of the body’s primary sleep-modulating hormone, melatonin, designed to support a healthy circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.

Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland of the brain that regulates our circadian rhythm. Many factors in our modern-day world disrupt natural melatonin production, including blue light exposure at night and aberrant sleep patterns. Melatonin supplementation can help correct these deficits, realigning the circadian rhythm and restoring a healthy sleep pattern.

Emerging research indicates that melatonin may enhance immune function, improve cardiometabolic health, protect the brain function, and enhance gut health.

Liposomal Melatonin Professional Dose provides 4 mg of melatonin per pump, offering a higher dose than our standard Liposomal Melatonin. Due to this higher dose, it is recommended for use under the guidance of a qualified health professional.

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