Metal Tonify by Systemic Formulas

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Helps with: General lung support Immune support regarding normal respiratory system functions People who are critical, judgmental, petty, easily disappointed, "pack rats" Assistance with resipiratory weakness Support normal processes regarding skin health Support normal grief resolution processes Overall sinus health support

This formula is helpful for lung, throat, spleen and large intestine health. It helps support the susceptible, sensitive person; even those that appear to be strong and thick that may have a weak and thin characteristic or organ function. Lack of lung health causes the entire body to become deficient and weak. Common signs are upper respiratory issues and some common allergies. This formula is also helpful for the person who is petty, complaining, resigned, hypocritical, and numb. In Chinese Medicine it is said to supplement yang Qi; diffuse the lungs; enrich yin and moisten the lungs.

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