NAD+ Gold 30ml by Quicksilver Scientific

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BENEFITS A liposomal, next-generation, age management elixir Builds on a scientific breakthrough showing that NMN can be transported directly into all cells to rapidly-produce NAD+ Continually replenishes NAD+ with a unique blend of NMN and methyl donor TMG

Change the way you age with NAD+ Gold™, our next-generation age management elixir and the only liposomal source of NMN, the most direct and stable precursor to our body’s natural ‘anti-aging’ molecule, NAD+. With the addition of TMG to support methylation, this powerful formula promotes the replenishment and rejuvenation of your cells and metabolism.

This product should be refrigerated upon receipt. If your product arrives warm do not worry. Heat sensitive products can be exposed to high temperatures for short periods of time (5-7 days) with no damage to the product.

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