TACX-Vitamin DTX Tincture by Systemic Formulas

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A liquid tincture of Vitamin ACX. High potency, broad-spectrum detoxifier; an excellent drainage formula for use in any cleansing, elimination program, and/or detoxification program, especially for organ detoxification. In addition, support is provided for the liver, especially the left lobe, and the kidneys. Helps avoid cleansing reactions (Herxheimer’s).
Body purification processes can often become overexuberant and overload the liver’s capabilities. This can result in temporary aggravations called Herxheimer Reactions experienced as flare ups of skin rashes, fevers, headaches, which occur as part of the process. The concept of “drainage support” means to provide the body the nutrients it requires to perform its normal functions and not become overloaded and better engage its normal cellular purification processes.

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