The Detox Qube by Quicksilver Scientific

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BENEFITS Focuses on the elimination of harmful compounds from the body A strong glutathione system is critical for the body’s natural elimination process 4 products function synergistically in support of natural cleansing

The glutathione system facilitates the body’s natural cleansing processes, including the elimination of unwanted elements from within the body and out through the gastrointestinal tract. The Detox Qube® contains the elements necessary to help with systemic support.

By strengthening the glutathione system within the cell, foreign elements can be captured and transported, and cellular antioxidant status, health, and function may be simultaneously maintained. Elimination in the body starts with the use of a binder with high affinity for heavy unwanted elements. These can capture the element-glutathione conjugates secreted in the bile into the intestines and may ensure comprehensive elimination from the body.

*Please note: this protocol contains product that must be stored in the refrigerator

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