MC-BB-1 by Beyond Balance

  • SKU: BB1

MC-BB-1™ may be helpful in the management of microorganisms.* MC-BB-1™ may be used with other Core Immune Support formulas. While taking MC-BB-1™, the concurrent use of TOX-EASE BIND™ combined with either the TOX-EASE GL™, COGNEASE DETOX™, or TOX-EASE™ formula to support detoxification is highly recommended.* This may assist in eliminating significant Herxheimer reactions.*

MC-BB-1™ may be helpful in the management of microorganisms.* This formula contains constituents such as Plantain leaf and Black Walnut.* These herbs have a long history of traditional use as nutritional supports against parasitic activity.* Additionally, studies indicate that Plantain leaf has shown anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective activities.* Plantain also exhibits immune-enhancing and tissue-healing activity and enhances lymphocyte proliferation.* Studies reveal that Licorice may also guard against microbial activity, as well as inhibit extracellular proliferation.* Licorice is widely used in European medicine, and has been used in holistic medicine for several thousand years*.

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