An innovative product from 180 Solution that utilizes a groundbreaking cellular deliver system to optimize efficacy and prioritize resiliency.


Cytodetox has no problem standing out in the realm of detoxification. It’s primary ingredient Zeolite is known as nature’s detoxifier for the environment. Derived from the zeolite clinoptilolite mineral, Zeolite is formed from volcanic ash mixing in sea water and fossilizing to create a honey comb porous cage structure with a natural negative charge. This natural structure acts like a sieve for toxins in the environment. 

In the past decade, the use of zeolites has become increasingly more advanced in the natural health field thanks to a wealth of great results and deep research. The internal benefits this ingredient can tout have become more prominent with the use of micronized powders and water suspensions, allowing its power to move past the mouth, stomach, and colon. 

To improve resiliency, Cytodetox crosses cellar membranes at the highest levels thanks to 180 Solutions’s liposomal technology cellular deliver system. The formula is essentially delivered directly to the lymph, blood, and target cells, leveraging proprietary transport technology to improve the deliver of molecular Clinoptillolite fragments beyond cellular barriers. There is no other zeolite or clinipitolite product on the market uses this technology, or one that comes close to matching it. 

Dr. Mullins looks to Cytodetox constantly in her practice, especially with 90% of patient labs confirming the presence of at least 2-3 high heavy metals, with the most common being mercury and aluminum. 

CytoDetox Liposomal Zeolite Clinoptilolite with Fulvates is a cutting-edge way to support the removal of environmental toxins like heavy metals,...
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