Mini Minerals are in a class to themselves. Because of their incredibly small size, your cells can actually absorb them. A typical colloid supplement can be up to 10,000nm, or about the size of a red blood cell. Mini Minerals, on the other hand, are about 1,000,000 times smaller. Which do you think would be best suited to penetrate cells?

Haven’t you noticed more people than ever take calcium supplements while more and more people including those taking the calcium develop osteoporosis and/or bone spurs?

Powdered mineral supplements lining the shelves are combined with something which makes the body not recognize them and much too high of milligrams are needed to try and fool the body into absorbing just a little of it. These compounds are man-made. You notice they all seem to end with “ate”, ‘citrate’, picolinate, Gluconate, etc. The body has to try to break these compounds down to get just a little, if any.

Mini-minerals are not man-made however. After years of study and testing, we have learned how to grow the minerals in a crystalline form and then we harvest them; we just create the environment. Minerals should not be a ground-up power of an element but a grown crystal, and ionic, meaning it would stay suspended in water. The end results are natural minerals that are the perfect building blocks of life and vitality.

I put almost every patient on Mini Minerals Magnesium, as most of the population is walking around with a Magnesium deficiency. Once  levels are adequate the body can take a deep breath; muscles relax, tension subsides and all cellular processes begin functioning optimally. I put most of my older clients on Bone Support to prevent osteoporosis and ensure the bones staying strong. Mini Minerals is the ONLY brand I use for minerals these days clinically and personally.

Mini Minerals are in a class to themselves. Your cells may absorb more readily. A typical colloid can be up...
This is a nanoparticle-sized blend of key minerals needed for bone (and teeth) health.Suggested Serving: Adults - 1 tbsp. per...
Does not require digestion or enzyme activity.* This product will not interfere with prescription medications. It is suitable for vegetarian...