Eco Vyrome by Systemic Formulas

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This MYBYOME formula revolutionizes the natural health approach to assisting the body’s normal microbial balance of prebiotic and probiotic influences. Utilizing the virome component of the body’s microbiome, this “phage” product focuses exclusively on helping the body manage its innate balance between its normal microbiome and normal Escherichia coli (a gram negative, rod-form bacteria that is often a useful inhabitant of the human gastrointestinal tract. But like all microbes, can over-proliferate or mutate when the innate terrain is conducive).

Biophages have a long-established presence in supporting a healthy microbiome through their ability to inhabit and replicate inside of specific bacterial species. This product provides practitioners a safe and effective method of supporting the normal microbiome via Nature’s self-limiting process of microbial balance, while completely avoiding collateral damage associated with other methodologies.

Most E. coli species are normal inhabitants of the lower intestines where they are harmless and contribute to the overall microbiome functions and human health by making Vitamin K2, as well as supporting the immune system by preventing undesirable microbes from taking up residence. But some E. coli serotypes can be species that cause food poisoning, infections, and raise the set-point of inflammation throughout the body. Research demonstrates that the proliferation of unwanted E. Coli species is often based on the body’s terrain.

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