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Equazen Pro is a clinically proven medical food to address fatty acid deficiencies in people with ADHD and some related neurodiverse conditions that cannot be resolved by normal diet modification alone.

Bringing ADHD into Focus:  The ADHD-Omega Fatty Acid Connection

Many children with ADHD often have a substantial deficiency of essential fatty acids, as well as a marked omega-3/omega-6 ratio imbalance. These deficiencies are linked to genetic differences in how their bodies metabolize fat. This is important because omega fatty acid deficiencies are thought to negatively affect key brain functions including learning, concentration and mood regulation, as well as inflammatory pathways in the brain.

EQUAZEN® PRO is a clinically proven medical food that is designed to address differences in omega fatty acid metabolism in children and adolescents with ADHD and other related neurodiverse conditions—in the clinically tested, unique ratio of EPA:DHA:GLA.

Clinical Outcomes:

  • Support children's attention control, vocabulary and immediate memory recall
  • Improve inattentive behavior
  • Support balanced mood
  • Improve academic performance

Product Features:

  • Supported by over 15 years of research and more than 19 clinical studies*, including 6 ADHD clinical trials, which demonstrate improvements in focus, attention, academic performance, and balanced mood.
  • Safe & effective nutritional support when used alone or in combination with prescription ADHD medications.
  • Sustainably sourced fish oils are produced with novel patented purification processes that reduce contaminants, oxidative impurities, environmental pollutants, and toxins to ensure exceptional clarity, quality, taste, and smell. Furthermore, the production of the fish oil utilizes technologies that run on 100% renewable energy.

Directions: Children 5 years of age and above: 3 softgels daily with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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