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BioPure Galactose is a crucial structural element in macromolecules. Supports a myriad of important functional and structural roles in the body.

BioPure Galactose is a naturally occurring versatile, simple sugar (monosaccharide) used in glycolysis to generate energy in the form of ATP. Galactose is also synthesized in the body and forms part of glycolipids, used to maintain the cell membrane's stability and facilitate cellular recognition, and glycoproteins, which serve many functions in the body, including immunity. It is an essential building block of cerebrosides, which are glycosphingolipids that are essential components of muscle and nerve cell membranes.
Galactose is one of eight essential sugars needed in the diet for proper cell development and functioning of the human body. It supports critical biological processes within the body and is a fundamental and structural substance for the matrix of cellular and intracellular functions.

  • Precursor to glucose production that supports energy production
  • Plays a role in the formation of myelin sheath, which protects nerve cells, by forming galactocerebrosides
  • Supports kidney health and function
  • Galactose helps maintain normal physiological functions of the body

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