Gb Pituitary/Pineal by Systemic Formulas

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Gb stands for “Glands/Brain”. This formula provides nutritional support for all the important brain glands – pituitary, pineal and thalamus. It provides nutrients support for a healthy mental clarity and focus. It’s nutrients are useful in managing healthy fat metabolism by the body. Gb helps support appetite, and proper pituitary/pineal function including normal circadian rhythms.
On request from practitioners who specialize in hormonal health, Doc Wheelwright designed this “Glands/Brain” (Gb – Pituitary/ Pineal) formula to be compatible with his growing array of endocrine gland support formulas. In doing so, Doc attuned this formula bioenergetically to the brain’s master endocrine functions. He pioneered the concept that the pituitary hormones were involved with three gland centers – anterior lobe, posterior lobe, and intermediate lobe – and thus provided practitioners with nutritional support factors to support normal growth, osmolarity, thyroid and adrenal function, healthy blood pressure, breast milk production, gonadal function, kidney function, sleep cycles, and the various aspects of master endocrine regulation.

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