Immuno Byome by Systemic Formulas

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Immuno Byome is a next generation probiotic (NGP) designed around the development of a healthy and effective immune system. A number of crucial organisms have been identified for their role in educating and maintaining a healthy human immune function. Here we provide these organisms in a patent pending formula. Combine with the prebiotic formula for unsurpassed results and amazing healthy benefits to the immune system. • Normal intestinal microbial balance • Post antibiotic replenishment of probiotic species • Probiotic immune system support • Intestinal terrain optimization  • Healthy balance between microbes and the body

Probiotics impact on immune heath have dominated scientific research; including significant insights into how specific probiotic species play key roles in modulating our immunity. A number of ImmunoByome organisms are exclusive human symbionts, providing both unprecedented immune support and probiotic diversity.

1-2 capsules daily for 30 days, or as directed.

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