MegaQuinD3 by Microbiome Labs

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Introducing MegaQuinD₃™, a high-potency K2/D3 supplement that represents a new approach to supporting bone, heart, nerve, mitochondrial, and immune function. Give your clients far-reaching metabolic support with this synergistic vitamin K and D supplement formulation offering a myriad of health-supportive benefits! Every daily supplement regimen should include the essential vitamins D and K. Microbiome Labs combines highly bioactive and effective forms of natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in MegaQuinD₃
Fat-soluble vitamins D and K have a synergistic interplay in several health-supportive functions. Animal and human studies focusing on genetic, molecular, and cellular aspects suggest that optimal vitamin D and vitamin K concentrations support healthy bone and heart function. Both vitamins play a critical role in calcium metabolism. Calcium absorption, assimilation, and utilization are sophisticated processes requiring adequate amounts of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2-7. Research has shown that administering vitamins D3 and K2-7 supports improved calcium absorption in the gastrointestinal system and directs calcium away from tissues into bone. Vitamin K2 supports the removal of calcium from tissues and transports it to the bone where it belongs, maintaining optimal bone health. Vitamin D3 supports and maintains intestinal calcium and phosphorous absorption for optimal bone mineral matrix formation, making vitamin D one of the most important vitamins for supporting strong, healthy bones. Vitamin D3 also plays a vital immune function-supportive role.

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