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Multi-Biome™ is a combination spore and non-spore (traditional live strain) probiotic.  All six strains were selectively chosen for their specific characteristics and research-backed health benefits.  Multi-Biome™ is formulated to provide a two-in-one formula for doctors and patients seeking the benefits of both soil-based and live strain probiotics in one formula.   Each strain is genomically sequenced and registered, ensuring safety and strain specificity with every batch. Promotes healthy microbial balance* Supports healthy histamine levels in the intestine* Promotes healthy cytokine activity* Supports  digestive health* Supports healthy immune function and immune balance* Works via competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria*

Which is Better: Spore vs. Non-Spore?

For optimal patient health, patients will benefit by consuming both forms. Historically this meant taking two separate probiotic supplements. Multi-Biome™ now provides the benefit of both strains types in one convenient formula.

Why Choose Multi-Biome

  • Combines the best of the spore-based strains and traditional live strains, eliminating the need for taking multiple probiotics
  • All strains supported by published research and sequenced for specificity
  • Multi-Biome incorporates the latest delayed-release capsule technology to increase the live strains ability to pass the stomach acid unharmed
  • Multi-Biome™ utilizes advanced desiccant lined bottle technology, reducing oxygen and moisture during storage, eliminating the need for refrigeration
  • Multi-Biome’s non-spore L. rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacteriumlactis Bi-07 strains were chosen for supporting healthy histamine management, PLUS their superior ability to withstand harsh environments*

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