MuSolve SR by Tesseract Medical Research

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Tesseract’s groundbreaking MuSolve-SR formula provides six efficacious botanical isolates and extracts to promote normal mucosal clearance.
  • Mucus secretions are an essential feature of the immune system. These secretions function as a protective layer for the epithelial cells that line the surfaces of the respiratory tract—particularly those that are routinely exposed to environmental particulates and microbes, including potential pathogens. Unfortunately, many health conditions lead to problems that cause this mucus to become thick, trapped in the lungs, and full of bacteria.
  • Powered by The Tesseract Effect®, the ingredients in MuSolve®-SR aid the body in its normal function to achieve the dissolution of thickened and excess mucus, ultimately supporting and enhancing optimal pulmonary health.*
  • PROVEN MOLECULES, OPTIMAL DELIVERY: Tesseract is using scientifically advanced technology to support patients struggling to restore their health in the modern world of compromised diets and environments. Our supplements are uniquely bioavailable.

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