Stockton Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink Bucket 4 Gallons by Haley Nutrition

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The Only Aloe Product Dr. Mullins Stands Behind! 100% Pure Gel. No Additives. Fresh-frozen. Comes fresh-frozen and packed in a food-grade bag inside a 5-gallon sealed bucket. This is inner leaf gel, hand-filleted and taken from the Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton variety of Aloe only. It is the same plant Aloe pioneer Rodney M. Stockton used to manufacture his famed Seminole Aloe Gel Ointment at the Alo Crème Laboratories, beginning in 1951. Dr. Mullins is an affiliate for Stockton Aloe, please use this link to purchase!   

Your four gallon bucket of raw aloe vera gel leaves our facility frozen and will begin to thaw on the way. Upon receiving your bucket, please remove it from the box and remove the plastic lid immediately to check whether or not it is ready to be poured.

UPON DELIVERY: You will need nine empty BPA Free 64-ounce jugs with your first bucket order (see options). As soon as you can, pour the cold liquid into the jugs (filling to 58 ounces in order to leave room for expansion) and put all but one of them in the freezer (see a video demonstration here). Store your “working jug” in the refrigerator. We do not add preservatives to our Aloe gel, so we recommend you consume each jug within 7 days of thawing. If you do not intend to use 58 ounces in this time frame, it should again be split into even smaller containers and re-froze.


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