This is not another stop along the way. This is the destination.

About Digestive Warrior

Optimal Health has been long-lauded as a journey.

A complex, convoluted path of turmoil, trial and error, inconclusiveness and endless frustration. Pill after pill, cream after cream, trend after trend - with the same empty results for those burdened with chronic pain, illness, and health concerns.

But the constant cycling of “it’s a process” and “it’s worth the fight” keeps long-suffering people caught in the web of false optimism, hoping the next one is the one.


Being healthy shouldn’t be a constant battle. Waking up in the morning shouldn’t come with dread. Feeling at peace in your own body is a right, not a privilege.

So we don’t believe in blindly “trusting the journey” - we believe in proven, practitioner-backed formulas that prioritize efficacy and target the root of chronic concerns, delivered with the urgency you deserve.

From The Founder

I created Digestive Warrior because I know very intimately how painful it is to struggle with chronic illness.

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 15, I’ve been no stranger to the trials and tribulations of how deeply health challenges can impair one's quality of life.

Had I floated along in a mediocre state of health, my research, education, training, and clinical practice would never have come to be. It was through deep, deep despair in hospitalizations weighing 80 lbs., surviving on insanely high doses of steroids that I began a 25+ year journey of studying health, in all facets.

Figuring out the ROOT CAUSE of my disease became my life mission. Because I sure as hell knew it wasn't just "auto-immune."

The dance career that was ahead of me was destroyed, along with my mental health. Having attended the nation’s top Creative and Performing Arts high school for ballet and modern dance, followed by a full scholarship for dance at a private arts college, I suppose it’s impossible to articulate how devastated I was when my career as an artist dissolved due to my failing health.

My life soon became an obsession in knowing where every single bathroom was, wherever I was - assuming I would dare to leave the house.

The amount of pain, accidents, blood-loss, and threats from doctors who wanted to remove my colon left me basically bed-ridden and severely depressed. Hiding this from the world, isolating myself, and turning to alcohol for way too many years is something I became masterful at. An extremely traumatic childhood certainly didn’t help matters.

However, universal law has brought so many my way with similar stories that I have been honored to help- so my journey was never in vain.

From a young age, I was captivated by herbology, leading me to pursue a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine as an adult. I developed a deep appreciation for Oriental philosophy—and though I consider myself a modest acupuncturist—I excelled in herbalism. Harnessing a natural ability to detect energetic patterns and diagnose organ disharmony, I pursued a focus on herbal medicine.

In today’s world, exposure to modern day toxicities are causing unprecedented disruptions to our health. Exposure can come from so many unexpected angles like processed foods, tap water, and conventional cleaning products (just to name a few). And we simply were not meant to live in constant contact with them. We’ve seen the devastating effects of these chemicals: global pandemics of auto-immune diseases, obesity, chancer, chronic fatigue, neurological disorders… the list goes on.

And while it's surely not possible to avoid exposure completely, there are things we can do to reduce our contact and inhalation of toxins.

Understanding the impact of these toxins on chronic illnesses is what led down my path of Functional Medicine research and study. Certified in 2013, I constantly explore the integration of Eastern and Western medicine to address the root causes of disease, using advanced labs and effective nutraceuticals. Most doctors, I believe, have lost spirit in treating patients—something that has remained heavy on my heart throughout my work.

Digestive Warrior began as an effort to provide an inspirational haven offering cutting-edge education and treatments for healing and addressing gut health. It has since evolved into a platform for the most exclusive practitioner-grade formulas for a long list of chronic conditions including detoxification, inflammation, immune dysfunction, brand and memory repair, and more. 

We’ve had to expand our warehouse. The number of people we’ve reached grows by the thousands day over day.

It’s all connected, you know. So many beautiful individuals are still suffering, without access to the treatments they need. We consider it our mission to put it within their reach.

I share my story in hopes Digestive Warrior becomes a safe harbor for anyone still silently suffering. My greatest passion lies in helping others recover from chronic ailments so they can wake up every morning at peace in their own skin.

Sometimes, it just takes someone who has been in your shoes.


Karen Mullins, DOM