Bone Support 32oz by Mini Minerals

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Organic calcium is used more than any other mineral in the body. There are 179 different known uses for calcium in the human body, here are some of the main ones: 1) Formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth* 2) Prevents bone loss associated with osteoporosis* 3) Controls muscle contraction and with magnesium muscle relaxation* 4) Required for muscle growth*

This is a nanoparticle-sized blend of key minerals needed for bone (and teeth) health.

Suggested Serving: Adults - 1 tbsp. per day as maintenance, 2 tbsp. per day for mild bone loss, 3 tbsp. per day for severe bone loss. Children: 1/2 tbsp. per day for maintenance. Be sure to also take Vitamin D3 for bone loss.

Does not require digestion or enzyme activity.* This product will not interfere with prescription medications. It is suitable for vegetarian and hypo-allergenic application. No preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

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