Albizia Supreme by Supreme Nutrition

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Some of the Chinese names for Alibizia Supreme translate to ‘happiness herb’ or ‘happiness bark’. Albizia has been used to help relieve stress, anxiety, and support ones mood. It is considered to be a calming spirit herb and has even been used to allay difficult mental emotional conditions like depression and grief. Albizia has also been historically used to alleviate insomnia, poor memory, irritability, and anger from suppressed emotions. Albizia Supreme is packaged in a bottle containing 90 veggie capsules, each containing approximately 460 mg of Albizia Julibrissin without fillers, binders or excipients.

Recommended Use: 2-3 capsules 2x per day

Contraindications: Avoid in pregnancy as this herb has been shown to stimulate contractions of the uterus.

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