AO Aloe Vera by Systemic Formulas

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A 4-times concentration of Aloe Vera extracted from the inner gel (inside the leaves). It provides potent, natural health factors (mucopolysaccharides, allantoin). It is used both as a cosmetic agent and a supplement for internal and topical applications.

WebMD cites research on aloe that it may be helpful in the following instances:

  • Skin conditions
  • Laxative effect
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol normal balance

Historic applications of aloe suggest that i may be helpful and supportive of the body's normal self-regulatory processes as is:

  • Topical purifying agent
  • Burns and sunburn soother
  • Stomach tissue maintenance
  • Bruises
  • Temporary itch relief from insect bites
  • Acne rosacea soother
  • Help normal repair processes
  • Sooth the intestinal tract
  • Poison ivy relief (topical)

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