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Beta Alanine-SR supports your training goals by benefiting muscle output and helping to reduce fatigue and soreness. Sustained-release technology provides long-lasting benefit while minimizing side effects. NSF Certified for Sport

Beta alanine, an amino acid, plays an integral role in muscle health and endurance. Beta alanine enables the body to produce carnosine, which is stored in muscle. Carnosine buffers the pH of muscle tissue so it produces energy efficiently without excessive lactic acid buildup, which can cause fatigue and soreness.

 Beta alanine is not just for athletes. Beta alanine muscle content also decreases with age. This, combined with powerful antioxidant support, makes Beta Alanine-SR a great option for aging individuals who wish to support muscle health and longevity.

 The best food sources of beta alanine are animal protein like meat and fish. Because the best food sources of beta alanine are animal protein, like meat and fish, individuals who are vegetarian or follow a mostly plant-based diet have less carnosine in their muscles compared to individuals who eat more animal protein.

 Benefits of Beta Alanine-SR:

  • Train harder and longer by supporting muscle health and output
  • Optimize training by increasing perceived time-to-exhaustion
  • Clinically studied for benefiting athletic performance
  • Supports muscle pH to resist fatigue and delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Antioxidant effect protects tissues from oxidative stress and free radical damage

 Who can benefit:

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts wanting to optimize their training
  • Aging individuals wanting to optimize and maintain muscle mass
  • Individuals wanting to limit animal protein in their diet

 Features of Thorne’s Beta Alanine-SR:

  • Formulated for optimal absorption
  • PureTab sustained-release delivery system for of the benefits without the tingle
  • NSF Certified for Sport

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