Bioclear Cleansing Program With Biocidin Liquid by Biocidin Botanicals

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For a detox protocol that is effective and easy to use with results that can be felt, the Bioclear Cleansing Program is the perfect solution. The Bioclear Cleansing Program is a trio of products that supports healthy microbial balance in the microbiome. Biocidin, G.I. Detox+, and Proflora4R work together to bind toxins, reestablish microbial balance, and soothe the gut lining. After just 30 days on the Bioclear Cleansing Program, patients report feeling lighter and brighter!
Program Includes:
  • G.I. Detox+ – Binds the toxins in the gut excreted in the bile and sequesters the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) released by dysbiotic organisms in the GI tract
  • Biocidin – Broad-spectrum formula reestablishes microbial balance in the GI tract
  • Proflora 4R – Spore-based probiotic helps reestablish innate, healthy microorganism balance in the gut; contains nutrients that assist in soothing the gut lining

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