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Feel your best in a world of stress. Adapt Align is a potent, full-spectrum botanical blend that supports cognitive performance, relaxation, sleep, and mood. † Boost your mental state with adaptogens that support focus and energy, including ashwagandha Ease your stress with l-theanine and four other extracts to promote relaxation without drowsiness Uplift your mood with the proprietary Bacognize® extract, which increases serotonin to promote relaxation

While promoting resilience to stress with nootropic compounds, Adapt Align also provides your brain with antioxidant support. When free radicals proliferate due to oxidative stress caused by everyday events, your brain becomes  inundated with fight-or-flight responses. Your calm, focus, and mental all become compromised.

Adapt Align provides full-spectrum support for stress-management. It contains well-researched ingredients known for neuroprotective, calming, and anti-fatigue properties†:

  • Bacopa monnieri (in the proprietary Bacognize® form) exhibits antioxidant properties and an affinity for serotonin receptors within the brain. This activity helps regulate emotions and optimize your mental state.
  • Ashwagandha supports adrenal glands’ stress management functions by modulating cortisol activity. It is beneficial in supporting proper mood regulation and restoring a sense of calmness under stress.
  • Suntheanine® is an extremely pure form (due to patented enzymatic processes) of the amino acid l-theanine, which supports tranquility by increasing alpha brain wave activity, which is a characteristic of mindfulness states and anti-anxiety effects.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract contains rosavins, compounds used in anti-depressants that enhance blood flow within the brain, supporting support the nervous system, mood regulation, mental clarity, work performance and the sleep cycle.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus is a strong adaptogenic botanical shown to support memory and focus. In addition to its ability to improve stress resilience, it also contributes to healthy heart rate responses to stress, resulting in protection from anxious states of mind.
  • Phosphatidylserine (from sunflower seed) provides key amino acids and fatty acid nutrients for neuron health. It is known to reduce stress-induced excretion of cortisol, thus helping the stress response to be less volatile and more effective.

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