BiomeAide-SR by Tesseract Medical Research

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BiomeAide-SR, by Tesseract Medical Research, provides a proprietary blend of proven and powerful plant isolate extracts, terpenes, and oils that is designed to kill off harmful bacteria and promote a healthy gastrointestinal environment.

Harmful bacteria and problematic pathogens are frequently treated with prescription antibiotics that can have unforeseen and detrimental side effects on the gut microbiome which could become chronic. If these undesirable reductions in beneficial bacteria are pronounced, then disruptions in the intestinal microbiota can often result in unresolved diarrhea and leaky gut.

Tesseract Medical Research is the first and only company to release a formula, BiomeAide-SR, with a botanical concentrate combination that is designed to kill off harmful bacteria and promotes a balanced gastrointestinal microbiota.
Tesseract’s proprietary transport system allows BiomeAide’s nutrients to bypass the stomach where acid would otherwise degrade much of its activity. Tesseract’s DexKey technology releases BiomeAide’s active ingredients at the desired release point within the intestinal tract, which creates unprecedented absorbability at more efficient micro doses.
Why is this so important? It’s critical, because micro-dosing enables all 10 of BiomeAide’s efficacious ingredients to be contained in a single capsule.

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