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Restores electrolytes that promote performance, endurance, and recovery. Catalyte is an electrolyte restoration complex that supports endurance and recovery. The lemon-lime flavor is low in both calories and sugar. NSF Certified for Sport

Optimal electrolyte balance supports performance before, during, and after high intensity activities. Maintaining proper electrolyte balance helps you push your body to the limits, so you can train harder and longer. 

With its unique formulation, Catalyte helps you restore electrolyte balance. The electrolyte mix is designed to replenish the micronutrients lost through sweat during exercise and athletic performance. Studies suggest that an amino acid-electrolyte formula can better increase cellular rehydration compared to formulas without amino acids. The blend of electrolytes and micronutrients includes taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid that supports rehydration at the cellular level.

Catalyte is low in calories and is perfect before, during, and after a workout. Simply mix one scoop with water.


  • •  Balanced electrolytes helps fight fatigue, promotes calorie control, and helps fuel your muscles and brain.
  • •  Potassium promotes fast recovery and helps reduce cramps.
  • •  Replenishes important minerals in the body that are lost during high intensity activity. Taurine has been shown to promote hydration at the cellular level, which supports performance and recovery.

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