Cognease Detox by Beyond Balance

  • SKU: COGD2019-677

COGNEASE DETOX™ has been created to be used with COGNEASE™ and/or TOX-EASE GL™.* COGNEASE DETOX™ may be used with other Detox Support formulas. To support detoxification, it is highly recommended to use one or more of the Detox Support formulas when using any of the other Beyond Balance™ products.

COGNEASE DETOX™ was formulated to support gentle yet effective detoxification of those coping with neurological issues.* It may be most helpful with children in need of detoxification associated with developmental issues.* Studies reveal Spirulina to be the richest source of protein green food, of which 95% is digestible.* Spirulina is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which have been shown to assist the body’s immune system.* Research reveals Valerian root may be beneficial in reducing nervous tension.* Eucalyptus has been shown to contain inflammation-reducing properties.* Further research has shown Skullcap may be helpful in regulating the nervous system.

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