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For patients interested in maintaining cognitive health as they age, Berkeley Life’s Cognitive Support product builds on the benefits of Nitric Oxide and delivers brain-beneficial ingredients where they’re needed most.

Nitric Oxide vasodilates our veins, arteries and capillaries, bringing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the brain. With the internal delivery pathways open, Berkeley Life Cognitive Support layers in key ingredients specifically designed for brain health.

Featuring powerful ingredients from OmniActive, Berkeley Life’s Cognitive Support formula is stimulant-free and features clinically-proven ingredients like lutein, alpina galanga and sulforaphane. This powerful ingredient core has been clinically proven to support processing speed, psychomotor speed, sustained attention, and composite and verbal memory. Our stimulant-free formula ensures that one capsule a day supports immediate benefits without disruption to the sleep/wake cycle.

Memory loss, inability to multitask and loss of speed can contribute to a sense of aging. Berkeley Life Cognitive was specially formulated to support key cognitive function and performance over time.

Proprietary blend of clinically-tested and proven ingredients demonstrated to support brain function:

  • Alpinia Galanga
  • Lutein
  • Sulforaphane

Take one capsule a day (or as directed by your physician) with water, after food. Recommended to be taken after a Nitric Oxide Support supplement.

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