CT-Zyme by CellCore

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CT-Zyme is a new combination of digestive enzymes powered by Carbon Technology that provides next level digestive support. Healthy digestion is key for optimal nutrient uptake from food, maximizing energy levels, and maintaining a properly functioning immune system. 

The body does not naturally produce all digestive enzymes in useful amounts to fully digest consumed foods, most notably high-fiber and high-nutrient foods like beans, fruits, grains, lentils, and vegetables. Also notable: aging, digestive disorders, specific medications, and stress can all interfere with the body’s enzyme production, making digestion more challenging. Research has shown that supplementing with digestive enzymes may be beneficial for a broad range of digestive problems, as well as issues with nutrient absorption and utilization. With this in mind, CellCore is coming out with CT-Zyme to provide further gut and immune support.

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