CXGb Pituitary/Pineal by Systemic Formulas

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Gb stands for “Glands/Brain”. This formula provides nutritional support for all the important brain glands – pituitary, pineal and thalamus. It provides nutrients support for a healthy mental clarity and focus. It’s nutrients are useful in managing healthy fat metabolism by the body. Gb helps support appetite, and proper pituitary/pineal function including normal circadian rhythms.

The brain’s five glands are responsible for oversight on the entire endocrine function: • Hypothalamus: Controls the autonomic nervous system, regulates homeostasis, and instructs the pituitary. • Anterior pituitary: Produces, stores, and secretes the hormones prolactin, human growth hormones, melanocyte stimulating hormones, thyroid stimulating hormones, adrenocorticotropic hormones, follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones. • Posterior pituitary: Stores hormones from hypothalamus, such as the antidiuretic hormones and oxytocin. • Intermediate pituitary: Secretes bioactive peptides. • Pineal gland: Regulates circadian and other rhythms via melatonin.

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