EE Essence Oil by Systemic Formulas

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An essential oil formula most often used topically as an analgesic for muscles and joints, it also helps โ€œsetโ€ chiropractic adjustments, allowing them to hold better and afford the body the opportunity to maintain the adjustment. Supports muscle comfort, and healthy skin color. EE provides a strong yin receptivity that is alkalizing and facilitates relaxation and repair.

  • Bruises
  • Every day muscle aches, strains, sprains (topically)
  • Meditation oil (apply one drop to the area on the forehead, between the eyes)
  • Tension in the head (apply to temporal region)
  • Halitosis (put one drop in water and swish in mouth)
  • Relief from itchy bug bites (topically)
  • Hoarseness (topically to throat)
  • Hold chiropractic adjustments
  • Overexertion pains
  • Uplift mood and dispel negative thought (topical to mustache area for olfaction)
  • Promote circulation to affected tissue
  • Nausea (3-4 drops in water, drink)
  • Non-infective tooth ache (topically to finger, then touch to gum of affected tooth)
  • Respiratory distress relief

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