EE Essence Oil by Systemic Formulas

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An essential oil formula most often used topically as an analgesic for muscles and joints, it also helps “set” chiropractic adjustments, allowing them to hold better and afford the body the opportunity to maintain the adjustment. Supports muscle comfort, and healthy skin color. EE provides a strong yin receptivity that is alkalizing and facilitates relaxation and repair.

  • Bruises
  • Every day muscle aches, strains, sprains (topically)
  • Meditation oil (apply one drop to the area on the forehead, between the eyes)
  • Tension in the head (apply to temporal region)
  • Halitosis (put one drop in water and swish in mouth)
  • Relief from itchy bug bites (topically)
  • Hoarseness (topically to throat)
  • Hold chiropractic adjustments
  • Overexertion pains
  • Uplift mood and dispel negative thought (topical to mustache area for olfaction)
  • Promote circulation to affected tissue
  • Nausea (3-4 drops in water, drink)
  • Non-infective tooth ache (topically to finger, then touch to gum of affected tooth)
  • Respiratory distress relief

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