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Everything you need to complete the 23-Day Diet Option of the Evolution Weight-Management Lean-Body (500-Calorie) Protocol! One Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox Kit. Two bottles of hA2cg Evolution One bottle of Crave Control One bottle of Appetite Control

The Evolution Weight-Management Kit includes all the homeopathic and nutritional formulas necessary for you to complete the 23-Day Diet Option of the Evolution Weight- Management Lean-Body (500-Calorie) Protocol.

It also includes an Evolution Weight-Management Program Practitioner Guide and a variety of example calendars, weight-loss logs, etc. to help your patient adhere to the diet and be successful.

Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox Kit: Every weight management program should be supported by a comprehensive detox program. As fat is solubilized, toxins are released into the bloodstream. Without proper support, the body's elimination systems can be overwhelmed leading to a clearing reaction. These six homeopathics can help relieve symptoms related to the body-wide issues that occur when weight is lost, such as headache, fatigue, general malaise, body aches, etc

hA2cg Evolution: This revolutionary homeopathic product combines 23 ingredients that temporarily relieve the symptoms that commonly occur with weight loss.

Appetite Control:Formulated with several homeopathic ingredients that have been used traditionally to temporarily relieve symptoms such as emotional issues, cravings, and hunger.

Crave Control: Contains konjac root and hoodia gordonii which have been associated with feelings of fullness and satiety.

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