FBR Fiber Powder by Systemic Formulas

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A unique, tasty powder blend of insoluble & soluble fibers plus the power of herbs, whole food organic sprouts, and probiotics. FBR supports healthy cardiovascular, colon & bowel function. FBR assists with healthy digestion & elimination of toxins. Sprouted seeds provide nourishment and fiber to support healthy blood sugar levels. This prebiotic food is absolutely essential for re-colonization of beneficial probiotic species in the G.I. Tract, and helps maintain and proliferate beneficial colonies. Psyllium free product.
Fiber is actually an essential nutrient - the gut microbiome depends on it. Most people do not get enough fiber in their diets and this is directly correlated with poor motility, dysbiosis, and risk of disease. People who do not supplement with fiber often do not have properly functional intestinal health. Nutritionists advocate that everyone should supplement with fiber until such a point that their diet and/or supplemental regimen demonstrates the lightness, ease, and energy of not being digestively challenged.

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