I – Eyes by Systemic Formulas

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Supports the brain’s optic center (back lobes); supplies nutrients necessary for clear vision. It is designed for students, the elderly (to aid in maintaining eye health during the natural aging process), those who do “close” work (computers), and for those seeking nutrition to maintain an already healthy vision. Formula I (Eyes) ensures the availability of necessary natural vitamin A as well as additional sight factors needed for good vision systems.
A unique formula for nutritional and herbalomic support of the eyes, optic nerves, and visual cortex of the brain. Clear vision is dependent on many nutritional factors, especially for students, older people, and people who do ‘close work’ (computers). Further, many lifestyle issues (overconsumption of sugar, extended TV/computer viewing) put a strain on the eyes and visual processes. This formula supplies key nutrients for normal visual processes including ocular muscle and neural support.

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