IS-BAB by CellCore

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Promotes healthy immune system function and inflammatory balance, which may encourage normal joint comfort. Contains herbs that may help protect the integrity of red blood cells. Supports liver and lymphatic drainage for toxin removal, deterring detox side effects.

IS-BAB is a tincture containing a synergistic blend of 16 herbs that nurture the immune system and provide antioxidant protection. As part of their immune system support, several herbs in the product promote inflammatory balance. Among these herbs are devil's claw root, Japanese knotweed root, horsetail, and pau d'arco bark. The tincture also includes herbs that may support the integrity of red blood cells, which are a target of some microbes. Cryptolepis root and common wireweed support the red blood cells. Other herbs in IS-BAB, including milk thistle seed, support the liver. And red root supports the spleen, which is part of the lymphatic system. Normal liver and lymphatic function help minimize detox side effects.

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