Julva Lip Duo by Dr. Anna Cabeca


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Lip Duo was created by Dr. Anna after thousands of women found success with the Julva 1 oz tube. She wanted to create something for both sets of lips, those on your face and those below the hips.
  • Anti-aging complexes for upper & lower lips
  • Moisturizes, plumps, and soothes
  • Made with plant stem cells & DHEA
  • Formulated by an OB-GYN

Packed with plant stem cells, DHEA, and other natural nourishing ingredients, Lip Duo supports the return of lusciousness to your most sensitive areas.

Julva Kiss

(for the lips on your face)

The beloved formula of the original Julva, reimagined for the lips you show the world. Encourages cell turnover, visibly reduces fine lines, and plumps your kiss. Silky natural moisturizers leave your lips feeling soft and kissable.

To open: pull & pop the lid off, don't twist.

To use: Apply a pea-sized amount (.5 ml) to your lips once a day.

Julva Feminine Cream

(for the lips below your hips)

A smaller, 30-day tube of the gynecologist-created feminine cream helps to restore your confidence and revive your sex life. Soothes, moisturizes, and increases sensation on your body’s most valuable real estate—and makes embarrassing leaks a thing of the past.

To use: Apply a pea-sized amount (.5 ml) to the vulva and perineum once daily.

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