Liposomal Calm by Deseret Biologicals

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Provides rapid relief of symptoms related to unease or situational anxiousness Targeted amino acids to promote calming of brain activity Botanicals to reduce feelings of stress and improve awareness and cognition Liposomal system provides superior bioavailability for quick improvement in symptoms Non-habit forming. Will not cause drowsiness or impairments in motor function and can be taken daily or as needed for relief of stress related discomfort

This multifunctional supplement combines powerhouse ingredients for supporting patients struggling with daily stress and situational anxiousness. Liposomal Calm provides neurotransmitier precursors and bioactive amino acids to encourage a favorable emotional state while targeted botanicals encourage relaxation and balance the stress response. The unique liposomal delivery system provides rapid absorption for quick relief of symptoms. This formula can be taken daily for patients prone to feelings of unease or as needed during stressful events.

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