Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid by Quicksilver Scientific

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With conventional oral vitamin C, absorption decreases with increasing dosage. Liposomal Vitamin C enables effective, high level dosing. Featuring the buffered, well-tolerated form of Vitamin C. Antioxidant R-Lipoic Acid (as highly bioavailable sodium R-lipoate) can support the action of vitamin C.* Each 2 mL delivers 65mg of sodium, 500mg of Quali-C Vitamin C, and 25 mg of Sodium R-Lipoate.

A cornerstone of our metal detox protocols, Vitamin C with R Lipoic-Acid helps initiate detoxification. Experience a clean foundation for optimal wellness powered by fast-acting liposomal delivery.*Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid is a synergistic combination of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) and the powerful antioxidant R-lipoic acid, designed to enhance glutathione production and detoxification.

Vitamin C – Environmental toxins trigger the production of free radicals, which damage lipids, proteins, and DNA, compromise cellular health, and deplete glutathione. Vitamin C is a powerful reducing agent that quenches free radical activity, counteracting toxin-induced free radical damage. Vitamin C also helps recycle glutathione, the body’s premier antioxidant, and a critical molecule for detoxification.

R-Lipoic Acid – R-lipoic acid is a unique water- and fat-soluble antioxidant. R-lipoic acid enhances the endogenous production of glutathione, supports healthy mitochondrial function, and may protect the brain from free radicals.

Oral vitamin C also has stringent pharmacokinetics, limiting its absorption in the gut. The amount of supplemental vitamin C one can consume is also subject to “bowel tolerance,” with higher doses causing uncomfortable GI side effects. Conventional oral lipoic acid also suffers from low bioavailability. Our formula circumvents these problems by utilizing Quali-C®, a buffered form of vitamin C that is less likely to cause GI upset, and sodium-R-lipoate, a more bioavailable form of lipoic acid. These ingredients are combined in our proprietary liposomal delivery system, offering unsurpassed bioavailability and rapid glutathione and detox support.

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