Women's Lunar Formula

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Great for complicated, hormone-related PMS issues. Addresses root cause issues which in turn recalibrates the body to alleviate symptoms. Consider for conditions such as bloating, mood swings, headaches/ migraines, menstrual pain/cramping, tender and sore breasts, digestive pain, emotional eating patterns, amenorrhea/ dysmenorrhea or fibromyalgia.

Here are the 3 main things that this formula does, leading to decreased PMS symptoms, often eliminating them all together:

1. Moves and Regulates Liver Qi- in Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the General, and plays a huge role in regulating women's cycles. The Liver is prone towards stagnation.....manifesting in irritability, cramps, and fatigue and body pain. These herbs cool down the Liver and get the Qi flowing properly.

2. Nourishes the blood- we need adequate blood to feel vibrant! Chinese Medicine knows how depleted women often become of blood, even if they aren't technically "anemic." These herbs help build and revitalize the blood.

3. Strengthens the Spleen and Stomach- these organs play a big part in the proper functioning of the digestive system as well as our energy levels. By supporting the integrity of the Spleen and the Stomach with very specific herbs, we have more energy and digest food better.

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