Mastica by Allergy Research Group

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• Supports a healthy microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract, including the oral cavity and stomach • Helps reduce digestive discomfort • Promotes health of gastrointestinal mucosa in upper and lower digestive tract • Supports normal, healthy metabolism of glucose and cholesterol and blood pressure within normal ranges • Increases antioxidant potential and reduces cholesterol oxidation Size: 120 Capsules

Human studies have shown that Chios mastic gum reduces upper digestive tract discomfort and improves microbial balance, making the environment unfriendly for stomach bacteria that can lead to mucosal damage. Mastic gum also helps protect the gut lining from damage associated with NSAID use. Mastic gum also supports lower gastrointestinal tract health, improving stool consistency and well-being. In humans, consumption of mastic gum has been shown to support healthy levels of lactoferrin, calprotectin, interleukin-6, and C-reactive protein.

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