MC-BB-1 by Beyond Balance

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MC-BB-1 may be helpful in the management of microorganisms.

MC-BB-1 may be helpful in the management of microorganisms. This formula contains constituents such as Plantain leaf and Black Walnut. These herbs have a long history of traditional use as nutritional supports against parasitic activity. Additionally, studies indicate that Plantain leaf has shown anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective activities. Plantain also exhibits immune-enhancing and tissue-healing activity and enhances lymphocyte proliferation. Studies reveal that Licorice may also guard against microbial activity, as well as inhibit extracellular proliferation. Licorice is widely used in European medicine, and has been used in holistic medicine for several thousand years.

Start with 1 drop, 2 times a day. Gradually increase drops until desired results are achieved. For gentler effect, begin with as little as 1 drop, 1 time a day.

On average, you may be able to gradually add 1 drop per dose per week. Dosage does not usually exceed 12-15 drops, 2 times a day.

MC-BB-1 may be used with other Core Immune Support formulas.

While taking MC-BB-1, the concurrent use of TOX-EASE BIND combined with either the TOX-EASE GL, COGNEASE DETOX, or TOX-EASE formula to support detoxification is highly recommended. This may assist in eliminating significant Herxheimer reactions.

WARNING: This formula contains Motherwort, an herb which may be contraindicated for those taking cardiac medications or blood pressure medication.

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