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MegaGuard™ is a novel digestive aid that combines clinically studied and highly concentrated licorice polyphenols, scientifically validated extractions of artichoke, and high potency ginger to promote normal digestion, balance stomach acid, and reduce occasional digestive discomforts such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. (Scroll below for list of ingredients)   Usage: Recommended for indigestion, GERD, dyspepsia, ulcers, nausea, h pylori Dosing: 1 capsule with lunch and dinner  (2 caps/day)

Ingredients -

  • Licorice flavonoids – 75 mg (India)
    • Proven to help crowd out h. pylori “Bring H pylori back into balance”
    • Protects stomach lining - stomach ulcers and dyspepsia
    • nausea, bloating, early satiety, belching, indigestion
    • Need 1/10 amount of Deglycerhiznated licorice to have same if not better effects

  • Artichoke Extract – 320 mg (Spain)
    • 4:1 ratio (artichoke: water)
    • Protective for liver - Helps stimulate bile flow to facilitate removal of toxins
    • Can also help reduce cholesterol (inhibits prod of cholesterol)
    • Antioxidant effects
    • Study 244 patients – relief of dysbiotic symptoms in 1 week w 320 mg BID (exact amount in our formula)

  • Ginger extract – 30 mg (India)
    • 20% gingerol
    • Active ingredient to help with nausea, calm the stomach down, increase gastric emptying and GI transit
    • Most products popular products like gingerol lozenges or ginger beer contain 5% gingerol
    • Anti-inflammatory in muscles, joints brain and intestine
    • Italian study 126 patients found that 100 mg artichoke extract and 20 mg ginger extract helped reduce symptoms of dyspepsia in 14 days

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