Metabolic Health by Thorne Research

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Make managing your waistline easier with a science-backed formula that helps to support your body’s metabolism.* Well-absorbed curcumin and bergamot phytosomes help to maintain a happy weight by supporting fat metabolism as well as support optimal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.*

A modern lifestyle, aging, and environmental factors can lead to metabolic changes that can negatively impact your health and weight goals. Fortunately, Metabolic Health’s groundbreaking formula helps counter these factors by up-regulating the body’s metabolism, promoting normal inflammatory responses throughout the body, and down-regulating the stress hormones that can sabotage your goals. 

Thorne’s Metabolic Health combines two well-researched botanical extracts – bergamot and curcumin – that have been used for centuries in Traditional Eastern and Western botanical medicine. Metabolic Health’s unique formula combines the robust bioactivity of these two nutrients to target the body’s metabolic processes.* 

Who can benefit from Metabolic Health?

  • Individuals who want to optimize fat metabolism and body composition*
  • Men and women who want to combat abdominal weight gain*
  • Anyone experiencing a slowing metabolism or having trouble maintaining desired weight with a healthy diet*
  • Individuals who experience excessive daily stress that creates obstacles to weight management*
  • Anyone wanting to maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels and a healthy liver*

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