Original Quinton Isotonic Liter by Quicksilver Scientific

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BENEFITS Helps gently detoxify the body* Helps restore optimum mineral and trace element levels* Helps support sleep and relaxation* Helps support normal digestion* Helps keep the immune system alert* Can help balance cellular nutrition*

Due to the strength and complexity of these products, we recommend you consult with your practitioner before using this product.

Quinton® Isotonic is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton®, following strict protocols established by Frenchman Rene Quinton® (1866–1925). These protocols ensure the product is of the highest quality and purity. Quinton® Isotonic is diluted to an isotonic concentration to conform to the human extracellular matrix (bio-terrain). Quinton® Isotonic is excellent for long-term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.

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