Prebiotic + by Thorne Research

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A bloat-free prebiotic that works in hours, not days, to promote digestive health. Keep your gut happy and healthy by promoting and nourishing healthy gut flora with highly absorbable and effective ingredients.

Prebiotic + is a unique blend of gut health ingredients that supports your digestive health and immune function. Unlike traditional fiber-based prebiotic formulas, which can cause gas and bloating and take days to begin working, Prebiotic + goes to work in hours and does not cause excess gas or bloating.

Benefits of Thorne’s Prebiotic +:

  • Promotes and nourishes the “good” bacteria in your gut
  • Supports a balanced microflora that keeps your gut happy and healthy
  • Supports healthy metabolic processes
  • Promotes urinary tract heath
  • Each dissolvable disc mixes easily in water or your preferred beverage
  • Good digestion and a normal blood sugar level are promoted by the polyphenol blend

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